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If you suffer from chronic pain that is ruining your life and are looking for a solution, you have come to the right place
It is an exciting time in the Mind Body field, particularly in the effective treatment of persistent neuroplastic pain
We are a husband and wife team who are experts in this area
We know your pain is real and that you may have lost hope

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Our Program can help you recover from your pain, and reclaim your life
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The Pain Recovery Program is conducted from our virtual office via Zoom
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Is living with debilitating pain your new normal?

Are you desperate and doubtful that anything can help you? Are you at the end of the line with doctors and treatments all unable to provide a solution? We understand. We have been where you are. We can help you. We have the answers.

Mind body medicine. The first line of defence.

When the brain believes that the body is damaged it responds with pain. But most chronic pain is not actually caused by ongoing structural damage. This is called neuroplastic pain. To treat this, we need to target the brain and not the body.

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We understand the how and why of neuroplastic pain. We are experts in this field and we will give you the knowledge and the confidence to overcome your pain . We will give you new hope for your life.

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Your brain has made a mistake

The mind body approach requires you to embrace a different belief
The belief that neuroplastic pain is due to your brain making a critical mistake
and that your body is actually fine

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So you can live a life without medication, injections, or surgery

What everyone should know about Chronic Pain
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