Do you have a Painful Personality?

Do you have a Painful Personality?

Personality traits may influence the development of, and adjustment to ongoing pain
It is important to recognise how one's personality traits may repress emotions and trigger neuroplastic pain

Neuroplastic personality characteristics:

Detail Orientated
Must succeed at every activity
Extremely organized
Highly conscientious
Try to accomplish too many things

Hold themselves to extremely high standards
Overly Responsible

Hold in their emotions
Have difficulty opening up to people and expressing their emotions

Put the needs and desires of others before their own
Routinely change their plans to satisfy the schedule or needs of others
Tend to attempt to play peacemaker
Like to do the right thing

May have legalist tendencies
Think that their views are right, and that other views are incorrect
Like to be right
My way or the highway

Personality tendencies towards hypervigilance
May have anxious avoidant traits
May have dependency traits
May have low self-esteem traits
May have the hostility/aggression traits

Perfectionists may ignore their own needs and repress their feelings
People pleasers are well-liked but may fail to address their own needs by repressing their emotions
People who always go out of the way for their friends and family may have emotional and physical needs that often remain unmet
They may never spell it out, but they also need other people's support and attention
But because they never voice their true feelings, other people may not realise they need help or that something is wrong
There may be deep-seated feelings of inadequacy and low self-worth
Those who hold themselves to extremely high standards may breed feelings of unworthiness and self-hatred
Stoic personalities may repress or ignore their emotions
Harm avoidance reflects a tendency to developed conditioned fear responses
Lower self-directedness may contribute to keeping a sufferer within this vicious cycle of fear, avoidance and suffering

The good news is having these type of personality traits is not a barrier to getting better
The Pain Recovery Program gives you the tools and techniques to overcome your pain, whatever you personality characteristics are