Why our program?

Having both suffered from neuroplastic pain, we have a deep understanding of what you are going through and how you are feeling

The methods and techniques that we used in our own journeys to recovery have led to the design and development of

The Pain Recovery Program

A practical, holistic, and effective approach to pain recovery, our program is based on evidence-based treatment research.

Our approach will enable you to become pain free
providing you with the tools required to create
new and healthier ways of thinking, feeling and being

During the course of our unique Mind Body program
you will learn how to switch your brain from survival mode to a creative and thriving mode
You will acquire powerful tools for self-healing
You will develop long-term strategies for pain free living
You will be provided with the insight and knowledge about the science behind chronic pain

Our transformative brain focused methods will give you the confidence to overcome your pain and get back the life you deserve

You get to create the exact life you want - imagine the possibilities

Combining personal experience and professional knowledge
you will have access to our combined expertise

As a Medical Doctor, Consultant Psychiatrist and Mind Body Specialist
as well as a
Certified Pain Reprocessing Therapist and Pain Recovery Coach

We are a team that you can trust

What is our program?

Intensive 12 week program including:

The Program

Pain Reprocessing Therapy (PRT)

  • New approach to treating neuroplastic pain
  • Evidence-based approach for treating chronic pain
  • PRT aims to rewire neural pathways in the brain in order to deactivate pain

Somatic and Emotional Processing Work

  • Using the principles of Emotional Awareness and Expression Therapy (EAET)
  • Education about the role of stress and emotions on your pain
  • Understanding that your pain is exacerbated or maintained by unresolved emotional experiences that influence neural pathways involved in your pain
  • Disclosure (talking and written) about the traumas and psychological conflicts driving your pain, facilitating emotional awareness and expression
  • Adaptively express the emotions that you have been avoiding or blocking related to trauma or stressors, especially your repressed anger, but sometimes also your sadness, shame and guilt
  • Enhancing your capacity to approach an experience, rather than inhibit or avoid important emotions and interpersonal interactions
  • Balancing assertiveness and healthy boundaries, leading to increased self awareness and confidence

Coach Directed Thought Work

  • As part of this process you will be taught new ways of thinking, using tools and techniques that show you how you are creating the symptoms in your body through the power of your mind
  • This unique perspective will become the foundation for changing yourself, and your life for the better
  • You will understand that you are not merely a powerless victim of your symptoms; rather that you have the agency and the ability to heal yourself

Targeted Mindbody Neuroplastic Techniques

  • A bespoke holistic daily lifestyle routine, including support around diet and nutrition, improved fitness, sleep and general wellbeing

All Sessions Conducted From Our Virtual Office Via Zoom

  • You are in the safety and comfort of your own home. With the knowledge that your confidentiality is at all times respected and protected.

Who is our program for?

Have you had numerous medical investigations but not received a conclusive diagnosis?

Have you exhausted all medical options but still suffer from excruciating and debilitating pain?

Have you been told the pain is all in your head?

Do you have constant pain to varying degrees?

Are you unable to do many of the simplest daily tasks?

Does your chronic pain feel like a prison?

Have you lost count of the amount of money you have spent on specialist appointments,
physical therapies, and medications - but the pain still persists?

Do you have any persistent medically unexplained symptoms?

Have you undergone or considered surgery?

Have you had your symptoms for more than 3 months?

Are you at your wits end?

If you answered yes to any of these questions it is highly likely your are suffering from neuroplastic pain

What you may not realise is the majority of chronic pain actually is neuroplastic pain.

Despite what you may think having neuroplastic pain is a positive thing.

This is because this type of pain is a maladaptive learned phenomenon, therefore it is extremely reversible.

Your brain has learned the unhelpful habit of producing unnecessary pain, but with our help your brain can unlearn this too.

How do I sign up for The program?

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