I reached out to Laura and Wayne because I had been suffering from debilitating pain for over three years; I was unable to walk, sit, stand, or eat. Although over the years, I had grown accustomed to the pain and managed life around it, my world had become so small that living like a "normal" person felt impossible.

I had come across John Sarno's "Healing Back Pain" book, but I wasn't sure how to apply that knowledge to my life. With the help of these wonderful people, Laura and Wayne helped me understand that my pain was TMS and that there was nothing structurally wrong with me. Together, we worked on various aspects, including the scientific explanation (which was of great help as I am the type of person who always needs proof), processing emotions through different mediums, shifting thought processes, and discussing certain themes crucial in my life. It was informative and insightful.

The program was excellent as it started with the necessary basics and then gradually became more tailored to my specific needs. Laura was always available through an app, where I could send her voice notes and messages at any time during the day. She consistently sent me motivational messages and a recap after every session with videos and exercises to watch and complete.

Our sessions consisted of in-depth conversations as well as laughter and positivity. During the process, I felt as though my fear truly decreased as I was able to step out of my comfort zone and become hopeful again. Physically, I started running again and walking as long as I wanted. Always having been a weightlifting fanatic, something Laura and I loved to talk about, I just had my first weightlifting session this week! It has felt like an absolute dream. Mentally, I am much more positive and excited for what's to come. I applied for a Master's program in New York City and will be moving there in the fall (before starting the program, I was afraid of driving for longer than an hour because of the pain)!

I know that time and patience are still needed, but I am determined to get through it as I now have no reason to think otherwise. All of this wouldn't have been possible without Laura and Wayne's help. I truly felt seen and heard, and the trust that I had in them is what allowed me to move forward. They were so considerate, kind, helpful, and patient. I am forever grateful for everything they have done for me, and I am looking forward to seeing what life has in store for me now.

Y A, Pain From Lower Back, Down to Ankle

When I found the programme I had been suffering from chronic leg and lower back pain for over 4 years. I had tried the full spectrum of treatment options out there from nerve blocks, and epidurals to acupuncture, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy along with hours upon hours of physiotherapy. I had also been dealing with other Mind body symptoms with digestive problems and chronic reflux for 10 years.

Whilst I had started to think my pain might be Neuroplastic I was still unsure and sceptical about the program. Having now completed the program I can honestly say it is worth it and would recommend it to anyone suffering from long term pain.

Laura takes the time to understand you and your symptoms with a holistic approach. The program provides a step by step process of building your knowledge of neuroplastic pain and helping you implement long term solutions that really work. It further empowers you to address the root cause of your pain. The support provided keeps you on track with empathy and compassion.

I was so focused on my pain I was numb to how I had repressed my emotions. Laura helped me to express my emotions and have compassion for myself. Which was so vital for me in getting to the route of my symptoms. This mindset shift has given me the ability to stop the pain ruining my life and take back control. The program has given me the tools I need to keep progressing and deal with any symptoms that could arise in the future.

I am very grateful for the support, knowledge and techniques provided by Laura and Wayne. So if you are thinking about it I urge you to commit and trust the process. This program will provide you with the tools and techniques to take control of your symptoms and get more joy out of life.

O L, Chronic Leg Pain, Lower Back Pain, Digestive Problems and Chronic Reflux

Over the course of a year I went from being in a wheelchair to working as a full-time personal trainer and I can honestly say that Laura and Wayne have saved my life.

After experiencing a whiplash injury as a teenager, I developed chronic migraines and fatigue related symptoms. By the time I approached my mid 20's my pain had spread all over my body; headaches, vision impairment, facial pain, tooth sensitivity, tinnitus, achey joints, digestive problems, back pain. This pain began to shape my day to day life and I was forced to give up my basic source's of happiness like exercising and spending time with friends. I was lost and I was hopeless. I tried all forms of treatment and did multiple tests including; brain scans, endoscopies, bloods and more. I saw chiropractors, physios, neurologists, facial surgeons and all to no avail. It was at this point that my desperation prompted me to look elsewhere and it is here where my journey to recovery began.

Laura and Wayne have not only helped me to recover but have helped me to change the very mindsight which brought on my symptoms in the first place. The empathetic and structured approach offered by their programme kept me progressing and will keep me progressing for the rest of my life.

If you are reading this, I imagine it is because you too are suffering with chronic pain. Having made a 100% recovery I can honestly say that Laura and Wayne's prrogramme is worth every penny and my only regret is that I didn't start working with them earlier.

Laura and Wayne, thank you for helping me get my life back.

F P, Chronic Pain Right-side of Body, Headaches, Vision Impairment, Facial pain, Tooth Sensitivity, Tinnitus, Achey Joints, Digestive Problems

For some while I knew that I was experiencing neuroplastic pain which presented itself as migraine in far too many forms to list, but with Laura and Wayne Kampers' expertise, I was helped to steer myself out of my old, entrenched thinking about the associated pain and symptoms. I'm finally able to put that aside and breaking the fear/pain cycle has been a true game changer. Week by week, I received excellent personalised guidance and structured tools to support my journey away from the constant fear of symptoms and their possible future consequences to a place of calm and diminished reactivity. Do symptoms occasionally remind me that my brain still stores them? Yes, but now I have reliable counter techniques which over time have become easier and easier to employ.
Thank you, Laura, and thank you Wayne.

E T, Migraine

When I reached out to Laura, I had been struggling with months of neck pain. However, I had been struggling with various pains for 34 years. I had read a lot about "TMS" and neuroplastic pain and I did not need convincing that my pain was not structural. However, despite reading many, many books on the subject various symptoms would start when I was under any kind of stress or felt overloaded. My fear and frustration with the pain then always kicked in and kept the pain in place.

I had read and tried several strategies but none of them seemed to work. In Laura's words I had all the pieces of the jigsaw - I just could not put them together.

With Laura's expertise and help I think I have now put the pieces together. I became pain free at week eight and have stayed that way. However, there is still work to do but I now know what and how to do it.

The sessions with Laura were not really what I had expected. It was much more than pain reprocessing therapy. Laura's approach is unique and it's hard to explain - it needs to be experienced. But I can say that the sessions dealt and helped with much more than just the pain. It has helped with how I react to my world, and I know that will ultimately help with any future neuroplastic pain I may experience.

Laura is a very intuitive, intelligent, and caring lady. When I first looked into working with Laura, I knew I wanted someone who would work with me at where I was on my own journey and not work to a very scripted set of sessions. Laura took time to really think about what was going on for me and taught me tools that will help me in all of my life - not just in keeping symptoms at bay.

S K, Neck Pain

After a traumatic event, I started experiencing severe jaw/dental/facial pain which doctors and dentists seemed to be struggling to understand. I felt deep down it was a stress response to what had happened, but felt none of the medical professionals I was seeing were listening to me regarding that element.
After a tooth removal and root canal (even though I was being told I had perfect teeth!), I was referred to a Trigeminal Neuralgia specialist who attempted to diagnose me with that condition; I told him I believed my nervous system had gone haywire and I had started reading about neuroplastic pain, and was given a very typical western medicine response of that being impossible and to start epilepsy medication to try and reduce my symptoms instead.
At this point I found Laura and Wayne's website - if you are reading this and even have the smallest inkling/belief your pain is neuroplastic, you are in the right place! I honestly believe Laura and Wayne helped me save my own life. As soon as I had my first consultation I knew I had found the right people to help me. They truly listened and understood everything I was going through, to begin with I still doubted how their programme could help me even though I had done all my reading and fully believed in neuroplastic pain, but my pain was excruciating - I was unable to speak, eat or live a normal life for months. However finishing the 12 week programme, I am 99% symptom free and my life has changed for the better forever, in so many ways other than just my physical health.
I wish more medical professionals were like Wayne and had a truly holistic approach, he is so caring and passionate about helping people, it was a breath of fresh air following all the other doctors I'd seen. Laura is the same, her passion and energy and want to help people shines through. She is always available to help in between sessions and will now always be the coaching voice I hear in my head! I can't recommend their programme enough, I will be grateful to them forever, and I know that they are still on hand should I need them which is another really nice feeling to come away with.

E C, Severe Jaw, Dental & Facial Pain

I came to the course with chronic daily headaches and persistent skin problems, after dealing with various other mind-body symptoms over the years. Wayne and Laura are incredibly knowledgeable and reassuring and offered such wonderful care and support in my recovery. I was able to feel strong and empowered in my own life again after so many years of feeling fearful, lost and overpowered by my symptoms. The Pain Recovery Program has taught me invaluable skills that have not only helped me with my pain but can be applied to all aspects of my life. It's unbelievable to think a 12 week programme could be so completely transformative - it has given me my life back and I am so thankful!

L S, Chronic Daily Headaches & Persistent Skin Problems

Laura and Wayne are both extremely professional, caring and invested in your healing. Nearly a year ago I heard about Mind Body Syndrome and thought it explained my chronic pain. I had knee pain for over 13 years (diagnosed as chondromalacia patella) and Repetitive Strain Injury about 25 years. I read a few books and listened to podcasts and tried to apply the methods, but realised I needed help. When I started having sessions with Laura, I was anxious, hopeful, but not fully believing I could overcome my pain. Now after just finishing our 12 sessions together, I have made SO much more progress than I could dare to dream of and fully believe that I will progress to being completely pain free in time. Before our sessions I was so fearful of pain, only walking 1 mile a few times a week and unable to type for more than a couple of minutes. Now I'm typing for 15 minutes, can drive for over 2 hours, and I'm walking every single day (up to nearly 4 miles). I sometimes get sensations, but they are infrequent, and I feel so much more able to keep calm and carry on. It has made such a difference to my life and my pain is on the way out as I am mostly pain free. Thank you so much Laura and Wayne, I couldn't have got here without you.

M H, Pain in Knees, Arms and Hands

I started the program because of persistent pain in my leg that had lasted some years. Prior to this I had been very active but had become gradually almost completely sedentary. When I started the program I had some idea that it might have been mind-body syndrome, however I didn't truly believe this - probably because I thought that it might take longer or be more complicated to heal than a physical injury. But working with Laura and Dr Kampers has been totally life-changing: I am now almost back to my normal activity levels and feel positive that the same issue won't arise again - or that I could deal with it if it did. When I had imagined my recovery at all, I had thought it would be emotionally taxing, but actually it was enjoyable - it felt like such a relief to be able to let go of the pain. The techniques that they covered have also helped me to start managing my emotions around other difficult things in my life. I feel like I have a toolbox of things to use when life is stressful for whatever reason or just to help deal with daily life. I can't express how much the program has done for me - it's unquantifiable. Thanks again both!

A M, Leg and Glute Pain

I feel so grateful to have found Wayne and Laura. I had hit a wall of despair. I had tried everything for many, many years to help with the pain - physiotherapy, chiropractors, acupuncture, reiki, massage, MRIs, nerve testing. My world had become so small and I honestly didn't know how to get out of the pain/fear loop. I thought that was it. Wayne and Laura were so kind, gentle, professional and full of many golden nuggets of advice and knowledge. I knew I had them in my pocket throughout the Pain Recovery Program which was hugely reassuring. It hasn't been easy and I know I still have a long way to go. It's hard to change your beliefs but I have. Knowledge is power and I now have a plan going forward and need to be patient and trust the process. Huge thanks to you both for helping me more than you could ever imagine.

C M, Sciatica, Shoulder, Back, and Leg Pain

I want to send my thanks to yourself and Wayne for the sessions over the last 12-weeks. You both provided me with hope and a positive way forward which really saved me at the lowest point in my life.

S I, Headache

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help these last 12 weeks and before, you have really helped to transform my life for which I am truly grateful.

A A, Pain in Right Ankle, Both Wrists, Ear, Jaw, and Toe

What a relief to find Dr K and Laura! From my first session I knew I was in safe hands and I have gone from being in horrible daily pain to being back to my old self. I can hardly believe the difference in my life and I will be forever grateful.

M G, Lower Back Pain

I was sceptical at first but decided I didn't really have anything to lose. It really was one of the best investments I've ever made. I have learned so much about myself during this process and I feel as though I've literally healed my body using my mind!

B C, Shoulder Pain

I came onto the programme having experienced a whole range of neuroplastic pain and symptoms over the past 5 years, including - left knee, left shoulder, back of the neck, lower back intermittently, calves on both legs, forearm pain when pressure applied, and scar tissue pain. As a usually very active and adventurous 26 year old, my world had shrunk significantly as pain took control over my life and activities. The programme taught me not to be afraid of my pain anymore, and has allowed me to start doing the sports I love doing again.

Laura and Wayne were incredibly knowledgeable, supportive and understanding throughout, whilst also giving me the push I needed to stop allowing the symptoms to rule my life!

I would highly recommend the programme to anyone.

C S, Pain Throughout Body