Are you wired for neuroplastic pain?

Are you wired for neuroplastic pain?

Did you know that this is because your brain is misinterpreting threats and overreacting by causing or prolonging pain when no danger is present?

Did you know that with neuroplastic pain your nervous system is triggered by fear and gets stuck in fight or flight mode switching on your body's alarm bells in the form of pain and/or other physical symptoms?

Your brain is on high alert, and you are interpreting your surroundings through a lens of danger.

Did you know that this is a mind body phenomenon that you have the ability to change?

Did you know that this is in fact not a pain problem but a fear and avoidance problem?

Your brain is running the pain show and the drivers are fear and avoidance.

You need to be shown how to focus on uncovering the hidden causes of your pain and how to retrain your brain how to switch the pain off.

By acquiring knowledge, you will be able to change your thoughts and beliefs and emotions and resolve your neuroplastic pain.

When your brain gets in the habit of, or too good at, feeling pain, it develops into complicated or chronic pain.

Ensure that your brain gets a chance to make new connections and give it the opportunity to reduce its fixation on feeling pain.

The good news is that The Pain Recovery Program gives you the tools and techniques to consciously rewire your brain and unlearn your pain

The Pain Recovery Program shows you how to change pain sensations in your body by changing your thoughts