Pelvic Pain and a Mind Body Approach

Pelvic Pain and a Mind Body Approach

Chronic pelvic pain in women is a common and debilitating condition
Women want to be taken seriously, attaching a high value to identify the cause of their pain
But, in at least a third of women, no organic cause is found on a laparoscopy to explain their pain and symptoms

Women's pelvic pain is complicated, and comes in many guises, such as:


Interstitial cystitis
Painful bladder syndrome
Overactive bladder


Irritable Bowel Syndrome(IBS)
Rectal pain / burning


Dyspareunia (Pain with intercourse)


Levator Ani Syndrome
Medically unexplained pelvic pain
Pudendal neuralgia
Pelvic Floor Disfunction

It's easy to lose hope, especially if this is something you have struggled with for years
But conditions such as chronic pelvic pain, vulvodynia, interstitial cystitis, pain during sex, vaginismus, pudendal neuralgia, pelvic floor dysfunction etc.
can be treated successfully using the mind body approach we practice in The Pain Recovery Program

This approach is scientifically proven and incredibly effective, even when nothing else has worked
It gets to the real root cause underlying pain, pelvic floor tension, burning, and other associated symptoms like frequency and urgency.

Spoiler alert, the root cause is never the symptoms we experience, the root cause always starts in the brain

The Pain Recovery Program is a comprehensive mind body approach to pain relief - it teaches how to manage your mind, process your emotions, and retrain your brain and nervous system to effectively heal yourself from the inside

Women are complex beings, which is a good thing
But persistent pelvic pain is also complex, and that is not such a good thing
Tying to untangle what is actually going on needs to be investigated not only in the body but also, crucially, in the mind

Doctor Cobi Reisman, President of the European Society for Sexual Medicine described the pelvic floor as an emotional organ and the mirror of the soul

This is interesting as I often work with women who are plagued by what I call the pelvic emotions:


These emotions can create and fuel debilitating symptoms, and keep us locked into a cycle of pain
Freedom from pain, stress, tension and anxiety lies in learning how to feel and process your emotions, rather than unconsciously supressing them

Many women with chronic pain and anxiety have had lifelong patterns that impact their body and nervous system
They have a tendency to worry, overanalyse, put a lot of pressure on themselves, or be self-critical or perfectionists.
They are smart and successful, and good at figuring things out and getting things done
So, it can be especially challenging when pelvic pain gets in the way of that - and they can't figure out why or make it go away

Maybe you can relate?

Maybe it is time to break this lifelong pattern and begin your journey of self-healing?

I know it is daunting, and the possibility of being pain free and healing yourself sounds too good to be true

But it is possible

You deserve a life rich in pleasure and joy

Take the first step to the rest of your life
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