We are in a paindemic!

We are in a paindemic!

Chronic pain is a major global health burden

This silent epidemic is the leading cause of disability, affecting almost 1.5 billion people globally. It effects 28 million people in the UK. That's 43% of our population

Women more likely to experience chronic pain than men>It is the single greatest cause of disability in the UK. Back pain alone accounts for 11% of the total disability of the UK population. Chronic pain accounts for 40% of sickness absence at an overall cost of £10 billion to the UK economy.

People with persistent pain typically see their GPs five times more often than any other group of patients. They often face delays and setbacks to gain access to healthcare support services and effective treatments. They are often on a constant roundabout of consultant appointments, tests, and treatments

Access to specialist pain services in the UK is often difficult and inconsistent. Exacerbated by a lack of clear answers about a definitive diagnosis of what is actually causing their pain. Often for years without any improvement in their symptoms.

Living with chronic pain affects all aspects of the patient's life, placing a huge mental burden on them. They face an adversarial struggle to maintain their credibility at work. Overall satisfaction for effective chronic pain management is poor

We need to rethink our approach to chronic pain.