My Story (Laura)

My Story (Laura)

I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister - pain reprocessing therapist and causal coach.

I have a lovely family. Lovely dogs. A lovely home. I feel content in who I am.

But it wasn't always like that.

Some things in life are completely unexpected.

They are the things you read about; the things that happen to other people.

But sometimes those unexpected things happen to you.

Witnessing my husband's descent from a healthy, active, fun-loving, go-getter to a desperate, hopeless, miserable shell of his former self was one of those unexpected things.

Seeing the person, you love most suffering with debilitating pain trying to make it through the day, with no answers in sight wears you down.

Trying to stay strong and positive whilst feeling completely helpless wears you down.

Medical professionals telling you they can't find the problem and the only "solution" is increasingly strong pain medication wears you down.

Having no hope wears you down.

So began an exhaustive and relentless mission to understand what was happening to us, and I use the word us purposely. Our life as we had known it was over and the life we were now living was unacceptable in every possible way. I made it my mission to find the root of the problem; the reason for the pain. This was before the days of Google, so it took many, many months and led me down many dead ends. But it eventually led me to Doctor John Sarno's work. Finally, I understood why Wayne had pain and how I could help him recover.

I committed to using all of my newly acquired knowledge along with my coaching skills and understanding of the mind to help my husband find his way out of the hellish situation he was in.

It wasn't easy and it wasn't straight forward, but with patience and persistence from us both we started to see small positive changes. We began to believe Wayne was on the path to being pain free and we would eventually get our lives back. We were filled with hope and that hope fortified us and kept us going.

We refused to look back, giving up was never an option and we were prepared to try everything until we succeeded - and though it felt miraculous, succeed we did! Wayne conquered his pain, and we got our life back. A life that was now so much better than before because we used all of the incredible learnings we had acquired along our journey and weaved them into our daily lives. Wayne was renewed in every possible way.

Unbeknown to us then our personal journey of struggle and despair would be refined and honed to become the framework of our incredible neuroplasticity program.

Simply put our Pain Recovery Program will give you in 8 weeks what it took us 20 years to learn.