Outcome Independence

Outcome Independence

We may believe that we cannot be happy unless we​ ​are pain free. However, the truth is actually the opposite.

We cannot be pain free unless we are happy​.​

Outcome independence is one of the most powerful mindsets we can adopt.

To be outcome independent is to know 100% that whatever the end result of a certain chain of events is, we'll be totally fine and happy, even if the outcome is not the one we had hoped for​.​

Tying our future happiness to a specific outcome is not only unhealthy, but also counterproductive

Unhealthy because it causes stress and worry​.​

Counterproductive because stressing and worrying will hamper our present ability to function at our highest level to produce the outcome we hope for​.​

The first step to achieving an outcome-independent attitude is to be aware of our thoughts and emotions.

​Believing we can only feel happy once we are symptom free is the same kind of thinking. ​Outcome independence here means your definition of success is independent of a specific outcome; being symptom free.

One of the clearest paths to eliminating your symptoms is to take away the pain's power by overcoming your preoccupation with it​.​ So cultivating t​his attitud​e;​ this outcome ​​independence​,​ ​frees you from​ the pain cycle.​ ​

Whilst ​outcome ​​dependence​ feed​s and reinforces​ the pain cycle​, keeping you trapped.​